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Wedding Investment

Congratulations on your engagement! Now the planning begins... I'm sure your finding out that once you put wedding in front of anything the $$$ signs go up. There is a good explanation for this. This will be one of your most special occasions, a day filled with everyone you love. There will be so many memorable moments created on this day that you will want to remember forever. 


To capture your whole day you will want to hire someone who has the knowledge, equipment and of course the right style for you. You'll want a professional and when we put professional in front of any thing, the $$$ signs go up for us as well. Professional entails weeks of editing to produce breathtaking images, top of the line equipment, editing software, permits, licenses, marketing, insurance, taxes and ongoing education. We also invest so we can deliver you exquisite results.  

The only thing that will be left after the cake is eaten and the flowers are gone, are your wedding pictures. Every thought, every detail, every memory from your wedding day will still be tangible 10, 20, 50+ years later through your photo's. The embrace you shared with your mom after you finish stepping into your dress or the first time you see your person with whom you are about to create an amazing life with and all the in between moments. I will be there to capture the authenticity and emotion of your day. 


Let's set up a phone consultation and chat about the details and packages. I want to hear your story, how you met and how he proposed. Looking forward to hearing from you!



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