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Portrait Investment

 In any form of art, you need to find inspiration. The things that inspire me in a photo are lighting, design and emotion. When all 3 are combined, you will get the wow factor and the wow factor is what inspires me.  


My favorite time of day to shoot is "The Golden Hour"! I'm sure you've heard this term before. It refers to the time of day when the sun is at a low point in the sky.  Sunrise or about 45 minutes before sunset are the best times. It's the time when harsh shadows on your face are in non-existence and are replaced with soft flattering light. The right lighting will create the wow factor.

Design will also contribute to amazing portraits. This involves location, wardrobe, hair/makeup and don't forget about your nails ladies, lol. When you're investing in portraits, you want to feel your best so it's important to look your best. I love collaborating with my clients to come up with the perfect design concept to produce life long gorgeous images.


Emotion is probably the most important for me. The in between moment that tells the story is what inspires me. The organic interaction between a family, the growing independence of a child or a secret shared between lovers. Most of my clients have said they feel awkward in front of the camera. Well, that's my job to direct you and bring out your true expression. That is why you invest in a professional photographer to capture your most precious interactions.

Let's schedule a phone consultation to chat about the design concept and the portrait investment which starts at $595.  Looking forward to hearing from you!




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